James Wilson: Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar

Darryl Kora: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Tom Morrice: Guitar, Vocals

Rod Lomas: Drums




      Hi-Fi Lowrider is a high energy rock band with it’s roots, as the name suggests, in the era when music had the integrity to truly move people and formed the soundtrack to the good times and partying people everywhere were seeking.  With all the members based in Norfolk County, this no-holds barred approach to music is the result of a way of life in an area where talent and integrity are expected of a rock band.

     Hi-Fi Lowrider takes these values of their “roots” and combines them with the music of today to provide a rocking show that more than satisfies the needs of rock fans of all ages. The members of the band have many years of combined professional experience and attitude, which allows them to produce top quality performances that will keep the fans coming back for more.

     What makes this band unique is thier range of material that allows them to alter their show to suit the needs of individual venues. At the present time, a good combination of blues, classic rock, and current rock tunes are used to provide a wide variety of music to entertain a wide variety of tastes. The song list allows the band to perform a laid-back blues/rock show or a high-energy hard/classic rock show.

     Hi-Fi Lowrider truly offers something for everyone.  Young or old, from bikers to businessmen. Rock is alive and knows no boundaries, and with Hi-Fi Lowrider on your stage, you are going to prove it.